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Coil and Leaf Springs for GM Cars

Dendoff Springs manufacturers a wide range of Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird Coil and Leaf Springs.

Camaro, Sports Coupe, Convertible, Z-28, IROC, RS Firebird, Trans-Am

1967-81 CAMARO/NOVA SPRING 2.50 WIDE 25.00 X 31.00 5 LEAVES + PAD CAPACITY 719 Lbs/ RATE 125 Lbs/IN

1967-81 CAMARO/NOVA SPRING- 2.50" WIDE 25.00" X 31.00" 5 LEAVES CAPACITY 695 Lbs/ RATE 96 Lbs /IN

1967-81 Z28/TRANS AM SPRING- 2.50 WIDE 25.00 X 31.00 4 LEAVES CAPACITY 645 Lbs /RATE 126 Lbs /IN

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Dendoff Springs -Leaf Springs and Suspension Parts